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Kingpin - Phantom White IPA

Phantom White IPA with kaffir lime leaves This White IPA showcases pleasant bitterness and distinct notes of American hops under a veil of intriguing kaffir lime aroma. Hints of coriander...
Von SFr. 4.90

Kingpin Berserker

Berserker Black IPA with heather, orange peel and jasmine Berserker is a Black IPA that marries the silky chocolate notes of dark malts with fresh citrusy resiny bitterness of American...
Von SFr. 5.40

Kingpin Hello Stranger Milk Stout

Hello Stranger Milk Stout Hello Stranger is a dark beer with pleasant, delicate aromas of roasted grain and chocolate. The taste is smooth and full with the addition of lactose...
Von SFr. 5.10

Kingpin Intergalactic Hoppy Lager

Intergalactic Hoppy Lager Our Hoppy Lager is the interpretation of a traditional style with a distinct aromatic and bitter hoppy character. Beer of golden color, perceptible malty backbone and crisp,...
Von SFr. 4.80

Kingpin Lunitica

Lunatic Witbier with grilled lemons and guava Lunatic is a light and refreshing Witbier. We boosted its wheat smoothness and zesty flavor with the sweetness of patiently grilled, slightly caramelized...
Von SFr. 5.40

Kingpin Most Wanted American Wheat Ale

Most Wanted American Wheat Ale Most Wanted is a light and refreshing American wheat ale. The beer displays distinct hop character along with pleasantly marked crisp bitterness and rich citrus...
Von SFr. 4.90

Kingpin Turbo Geezer

Turbo Geezer Double Irish Espresso Stout Our Double Irish Espresso Stout turbo charged with extract, bursting with aromas and flavors of Yellow Bourbon single origin espresso, bourbon vanilla and lactose!...
Von SFr. 5.60
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